Do you think everything happens for a reason?

I know this is a topic for debate with many people, but I for one believe that everything does happen for a reason!  I opened my retail store Hawaiian Sun in my small hometown of Grenada, MS almost 3 years ago as an investment…while I was living in Springfield, MO.  Little did I know that it would grow to what it has become today and unknowingly bring my family back to my hometown to work and raise my children.  This is my first blog on family and my retail business…and needless to say…I am super excited.

My husband and I took our 3 children to Pensacola Beach, FL for a few days last week for a little family fun together.  The picture above is of me, Kim Vance, playing with my children on the beach.  We had the best time swimming, surfing, paddleboarding, and playing in the sand.  As I sat on the beach watching my children laugh and play on the beach, I realized that all the natural disasters, work changes, real estate fall, family sicknesses…all together, whether good or bad…brought us to this beautiful moment that we were able to share with our children.  Every single event or tough decision that has occurred over the past several years has actually made our family stronger, which I am very proud to say. So yes, everything happens for a reason!!!


About Hawaiian Sun

After being asked repeatedly "If you could do anything you wanted in life, what would it be?" I grew up working in the restaurant, engineering, and realestate businesses far removed from the fashion industry, and kept answering the question the same way. "I would own a clothing store." The realization of this goal began the journey into launching Hawaiian Sun. It started with the vision of providing the latest for the fashionably hip along with providing exceptional value, quality, and superb customer service. Since its' inception in 2008, Hawaiian Sun has grown from a dream to reality. As a company, Hawaiian Sun features chic fashion apparel, jewelry, handbags, accessories, and gifts in today's latest styles. From celebrity-inspried finds, to premium denium and gorgeous night wear, there's always something new to discover inside our doors. As a customer experience, Hawaiian sun is edgy and fun. We offer all the amenities of boutique shopping, without the high pressure sales tactics. We know what real women want in fashion and we do our best to make that happen every day at our store. Our brands consist of emerging new designers and we travel all over so that you can find a style to call your own. We buy in very limited quantities. We welcome you and hope you visit often. Our storefront is in Grenada, Mississippi and we add new, great items to our website every week!
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